What is the best way of selling anything to anyone?

What is the best way of selling anything to anyone?

Is there a best way of selling anything to everyone?

Is there ever such a way? Can it ever be found? Asking such a question raises a few more questions from skeptics. They may be quick to brush you off as crazy. But since you are still here and reading you obviously not a skeptic. Thank you for your faith. I hope to answer you soon.

Buyers hate to be sold

In short the best way to sell anything to anyone is to realise that buyers hate to be sold. They hate is so much because most sales people sell the way they want to sell, not the way buyers want to be sold.

Stop selling and start consulting

If you want succesful selling stop selling. Aha! What! do i hear you ask? Yes i havent gone off my marbles. Yes stop selling. Dont be a sales person. Be a consultant instead. Picture this: you are in a doctor’s practice for consultation.  What does the doctor do? He she asks you questions to figure out your illness right? Imagine if you could walk into a doctor’s room and he starts offering you all sorts of medicine and hoping you would like it and that it might suit your illness. Crazy to even imagine right. The doctor figures you out first before prescribing a solution right?

Diagnosis before treatment

In your business figure out the problem before solving the problem. Don’t rush the prospect. Doctors don’t rush the diagnosis no matter how good they think they are.

Listed below are some of the ways to help you turn from a sales person to a consultant:

  1. Don’t make it so obvious that you are selling. Buyers don’t like to be sold. Why because they want to feel in control. Being sold is associated with being manipulated. they hate it. You must come out as a genuine helper not an annoying pest.
  2. Diagnose the need and the underlying want before proposing a solution they feel happy to gladly take. Don’t push your product let them pull it.
  3. Never sell with desperation. don’t look desperate, don’t be desperate. If the prospect is to buy let him or her believe they are buying out of their own good judgement not out of cohesion.
  4. Concentrate on building a long term relationship. It always pays off in the end.

Consultants win pushy sales tactics all the time. Consultants can be trusted, while pushy sales people with their tactics can be repulsive.

Written by Chief Copy writer of Supervalue copy Aubrey Mavhuli

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