The three parts of an irresistible offer -the heart of persuasive copy writing

The three parts of an irresistible offer -the heart of persuasive copy writing

The three parts of an irresistible offer – the heart of persuasive copy writing

Persuasive writing is meant for one reason only that the readers may end up taking an action. Not just an action but a desired one for that matter. Anyone who wants to influence people with writing has better learn these three essential parts of an irresistible offer.

Persuasive writing without an irresistible offer isn’t persuasive writing.

Three parts to an irresistible offer

There are three parts to an irresistible offer’ namely:

The main course

The bonus

The limiter

Successful persuasive copy writing is sales

Successful persuasive writing is sales in words. Like all successful sales it is without pressure. The idea of an irresistible offer is to never create pressure but to create tension.

Create tension not pressure

Pressure is always external. It feels like manipulation. Buyers resist and detest this pressure. Pressure tactics are old fashioned. Welcome to the new world of sales. Generate tension not pressure. Tension causes action.

Focus on outcome not what you are selling

Successful persuasive writing focuses on the transformation and outcome not on the product or service per se. If you have a plane and you want passengers don’t sell the plane, sell the destination. Be careful and cautious what you sell.

Know your primary offering

The main course is your primary offering. In the example above this could be the flight ticket. Telling people you are selling flight tickets is boring. Its dull and unappealing. Flight tickets are many a dozen.

The bonus

The bonus is the extras offered to spice things up. This might be points or a free car hire or hotel stay accompanying the ticket. It makes value visible.

The limiter

The limiter is the deal inducer. This can be time or quantity. With time you offer the plane ticket with a free car hire for one day only if you purchase the ticket by end of tomorrow night. The quantity limiter might say available to the first 100 customers only.

Are you advertising your business, marketing or selling learn the art of building up irresistible offers.

Audit your offers how irresistible are could they be?

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy “For copy that brings results.”

Cell +27 73 3250405

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