How to get prospects to contact you and surrender their details

How to get prospects to contact you and surrender their details

What is each marketer’s or entrepreneur’s dream? It’s for the phone to ring non stop with prospects willing to buy from you. It’s a good dream. Dreams are good but reality is even better. The reality is that you can have prospects to contact you and surrender their details. Those who do are called leads.

One way of getting prospects to contact you is through a lead generation strategy.

A lead is a prospect who raises up their hand to say they may be interested in what you offer. A lead is gold.

One common lead generation tactic is through content marketing. Haven’t you heard that  content is king.

There are various ways of generating leads through content.  Blogging, special reports white papers, newsletters, books, e-books and checklists are all ways of lead generation.

The idea here is to edu- market your prospects. Teach your prospects enough to empower them enough to make a buying decision. Content marketing as Bob Bly says is meant to build a psychological relationship or rapport with prospects.

Advantages of content marketing are that its a non threatening way of marketing to prospects. Its not salesy, and is without the hype of other sales tactics. It can help a long way with prospects that do not like sales persons. Prospects who do not like sales persons obtain helpful advice till they reach a decision to buy.

One way of creating content through edu-marketing is to figure out or find out all frequently asked questions and then write content to answer them.

Content marketing may take the form of white papers, special reports, newsletters, blogs, books and fine mill measurements.

The idea with content marketing is this, use content as bait to get prospects to surrender their details to you so that you have an opportunity in the future to market to them.

After all what could be more golden in the hand of a marketer than details of prospects that may be interested in his industry or business. A newsletter, e book, special report or checklist could be used as a soft offer to prospects that in order to get them to show interest.

Inbound marketing is better off than outbound. Success rate is higher in closing when customers come to you.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter

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