Frequency is the real salesman?

Frequency is the real salesman?

I met an emerging entrepreneur once, actually I have met many. I have met many who complain that email marketing doesn’t work. And I am like really! Quite often I ask how many emails have you sent to come to this conclusion? Guess what only a handful have engaged in meaningful email marketing. See you haven’t put in an effort, i often quip.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling and when you are selling. You would do well to employ the power of frequency. Frequency can be the real sales man. Frequency of touch and frequency of prospecting can work profitable amounts for any salesman.

Here is how it works: For every business the sales person would do well to identify as many potential customers as possible. Find out how you can contact them without appearing spooky. Build beneficial relationships with them.

Increase the frequency of contact and also increase the frequency of prospecting.

Look at it this way the more you do something often the more you become better at it. Frequency betters your prospecting and sales ability. The more you try the more you increase your luck. Luck favours frequency. Success favours persistence.

Don’t engage in spooky marketing. Your marketing is spooky when you reach out to your prospects solely for the purpose of selling to them. Not caring what on earth is their real problem. A spooky marketer has only one agenda, to get his way with a prospect and sell them anything.

Do not be fooled. Your rough riding marketing tactics are transparent. The prospect can see through them from a mile. Sales is real relationships. Real relationships have be to be nurtured by contact and frequency of time together. Find time to add value to your prospects.

The more often you contact the prospect not in a bad or imposing way the better your chances. When you make time for touch points with the prospects or with existing customers remember this depending on what you are selling and whether B2b or B2c sales often come after 6 to 7 seven touch points.

So whatever business you are in whatever you are selling to whoever you are selling invest in the frequency of your touch points and frequency in effort.

So as you use email marketing be careful of this, create a relationship with your prospects and customers. Relationships pay off in the end. Don’t use the shot gun approach. Strategy beats tactics in the long hall.

To increase touch points you could employee all forms of content marketing.  An e newsletter or email blast could also help. An occasional phone call that shows you care and adds value will be greatly appreciated. Whatever you do to with your frequency always be adding value at every touch point.

Sales success lies not in a single attempt at selling but lies in the multiplicity of consistent and persistent attempts. If you don’t follow up with prospects and clients you can not repeat your sales  or marketing success.

May I write a blog, e-newsletter or an email blast to help you keep contact and adding value for your clients and prospects ? Are you struggling with content planning. Get a content plan for free for your business if you contact me before the 30th of October 2018.

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