How to ensure that your marketing works.

Here is some great life advice I got

“ If you are not failing often you are not trying often. Shame on you for not trying as often as you could.”

There are two ways of looking at any situation. Not three not four. Not a hundred. Just two. You can be a positive onlooker or a negative one. What is it going to be? What are you going to be? There is no indifference, there is no neutral. You ought to choose. Make a choice.

Does fear of failure paralyse you? Is this the reason why you are not often selling, and you are not often marketing? If you are afraid and do nothing you will fail without a doubt. If you try and do something and it bombs you haven’t failed. You are not a failure you are an “attempter.”  One who attempts and fails is a student but one who never tries is a true failure.

This brings me to my marketing tip for today. How do you know if your advert or email is going to be profitable quickly? Well one of my clients asked me before they hired me to do copy writing for all their lead generation and lead marketing emails. Well I don’t and there is no other copy writer better than me who knows, was my simple answer.

My client was baffled, and I could see the question marks written all over his face.  Here is the truth of the matter. I take every effort to study and research before writing every copy for my clients. This is the reason I don’t write any copy in a day, not in a week even. I have to thoroughly apply my mind and do enough justice to the copy project research before I write for any client. After doing all the pain staking research of the client’s product, market and customers as well as copy genre I still don’t know if my copy will bomb or not. However, I also employ this strategy it’s called the ABC strategy of test marketing.

If a client asks me to write a lead generation email. I write 3 different emails which I then use to test and adapt till the email becomes a winner for my clients. If I am writing an advert for a client I do the same. I write up two or three adverts then test to see which one works best and then stick to it till it bombs out again. The true test of any marketing tactic or strategy is in the results. Test marketing helps you see which email or advert really points your business to its true north.

So in crystal clear language here is my advice for the day, based on the question “How do you ensure your marketing works? “Don’t bank on one tactic, don’t bank on one strategy test each and every idea you have for marketing and selling and measure the results. Success is measurable. Success is results. Test the medium, test the message, test even the market when you are starting out. Success in marketing and copy writing is as a result of testing. Test and test without any fear of failing till you get it right.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Freelance and Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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