Are you struggling with sales? Take advantage of the three factors that will get you sales.

There are three factors that help you stand a chance of making a sale in your business. The three musketeers of sales are Know, Like and Trust factor. If you don’t know what they are, chances are you cant sell life to a dying man.

Most emerging businesses are started by people expert in their fields. They are often experts no doubt but they are often starving never the less. What good is an expert who can’t feed off his or her expertise. One principle I teach all the time to emerging businesses is, no matter how good you are at what you do be doubly good at marketing.

So lets get back to business. The know factor is simple. Every business that sells anything to anyone has to be known. If you are not known, you are half dead. There is no prizes for being the best kept secret in the world. It doesn’t help your business, it doesn’t help your prospects that you serve. Whatever you do don’t remain undercover. In fact in business a blown cover is better than undercover. I hope you catch my drift, you can’t be a business undercover, for what? If they don’t know you they may not find you. If they cant find you they will not do business with you. So my advice is simple, if you got to survive be known everywhere for what you do.

The like factor is not so obvious. Be likable. Its not an option. People buy from people they like. Remember my marriage analogy. Sales is like marriage. People except on Tv don’t marry people they don’t like. Its not just about your product or service. Sell yourself as well. Half the time it’s all about you. Half about your organisation and your product. There are many things you can do to charm and be likable to your prospects. For starters you could start by being professional and courteous. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honour your word. Most people like honest sales man and despise liers.

The trust factor is a deal winner or deal breaker. Some few people may buy from you if they don’t like you, a few even if they don’t like you but no one will part with their money in an act of buying from people they don’t trust. Trust is everything. In some cases sales is a big decision, B2C buyers won’t buy from people they don’t trust. B2b buyers as well they have to make a purchase decision that makes them look good in front of their bosses’s eyes. No one wants to be ridiculed or under valued. We all love to be good in other’s eyes. In B2C the decision we make often needs approval and acknowledgement from our peers.

So in short these are the three sales musketeer, Know, Like and Trust.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Direct Response and B2b Copywriter @

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Frequency is the real salesman?

I met an emerging entrepreneur once, actually I have met many. I have met many who complain that email marketing doesn’t work. And I am like really! Quite often I ask how many emails have you sent to come to this conclusion? Guess what only a handful have engaged in meaningful email marketing. See you haven’t put in an effort, i often quip.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling and when you are selling. You would do well to employ the power of frequency. Frequency can be the real sales man. Frequency of touch and frequency of prospecting can work profitable amounts for any salesman.

Here is how it works: For every business the sales person would do well to identify as many potential customers as possible. Find out how you can contact them without appearing spooky. Build beneficial relationships with them.

Increase the frequency of contact and also increase the frequency of prospecting.

Look at it this way the more you do something often the more you become better at it. Frequency betters your prospecting and sales ability. The more you try the more you increase your luck. Luck favours frequency. Success favours persistence.

Don’t engage in spooky marketing. Your marketing is spooky when you reach out to your prospects solely for the purpose of selling to them. Not caring what on earth is their real problem. A spooky marketer has only one agenda, to get his way with a prospect and sell them anything.

Do not be fooled. Your rough riding marketing tactics are transparent. The prospect can see through them from a mile. Sales is real relationships. Real relationships have be to be nurtured by contact and frequency of time together. Find time to add value to your prospects.

The more often you contact the prospect not in a bad or imposing way the better your chances. When you make time for touch points with the prospects or with existing customers remember this depending on what you are selling and whether B2b or B2c sales often come after 6 to 7 seven touch points.

So whatever business you are in whatever you are selling to whoever you are selling invest in the frequency of your touch points and frequency in effort.

So as you use email marketing be careful of this, create a relationship with your prospects and customers. Relationships pay off in the end. Don’t use the shot gun approach. Strategy beats tactics in the long hall.

To increase touch points you could employee all forms of content marketing.  An e newsletter or email blast could also help. An occasional phone call that shows you care and adds value will be greatly appreciated. Whatever you do to with your frequency always be adding value at every touch point.

Sales success lies not in a single attempt at selling but lies in the multiplicity of consistent and persistent attempts. If you don’t follow up with prospects and clients you can not repeat your sales  or marketing success.

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How to ensure that your marketing works.

Here is some great life advice I got

“ If you are not failing often you are not trying often. Shame on you for not trying as often as you could.”

There are two ways of looking at any situation. Not three not four. Not a hundred. Just two. You can be a positive onlooker or a negative one. What is it going to be? What are you going to be? There is no indifference, there is no neutral. You ought to choose. Make a choice.

Does fear of failure paralyse you? Is this the reason why you are not often selling, and you are not often marketing? If you are afraid and do nothing you will fail without a doubt. If you try and do something and it bombs you haven’t failed. You are not a failure you are an “attempter.”  One who attempts and fails is a student but one who never tries is a true failure.

This brings me to my marketing tip for today. How do you know if your advert or email is going to be profitable quickly? Well one of my clients asked me before they hired me to do copy writing for all their lead generation and lead marketing emails. Well I don’t and there is no other copy writer better than me who knows, was my simple answer.

My client was baffled, and I could see the question marks written all over his face.  Here is the truth of the matter. I take every effort to study and research before writing every copy for my clients. This is the reason I don’t write any copy in a day, not in a week even. I have to thoroughly apply my mind and do enough justice to the copy project research before I write for any client. After doing all the pain staking research of the client’s product, market and customers as well as copy genre I still don’t know if my copy will bomb or not. However, I also employ this strategy it’s called the ABC strategy of test marketing.

If a client asks me to write a lead generation email. I write 3 different emails which I then use to test and adapt till the email becomes a winner for my clients. If I am writing an advert for a client I do the same. I write up two or three adverts then test to see which one works best and then stick to it till it bombs out again. The true test of any marketing tactic or strategy is in the results. Test marketing helps you see which email or advert really points your business to its true north.

So in crystal clear language here is my advice for the day, based on the question “How do you ensure your marketing works? “Don’t bank on one tactic, don’t bank on one strategy test each and every idea you have for marketing and selling and measure the results. Success is measurable. Success is results. Test the medium, test the message, test even the market when you are starting out. Success in marketing and copy writing is as a result of testing. Test and test without any fear of failing till you get it right.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Freelance and Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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