Customer service and the secret of having customers to keep coming back for more.

Secret of customer service is to  keep the customers happy

The first rule of business is this : What ever you do in business, keep the customer happy. Simple things like a thank you and showing genuine respect can go miles for your business. In some businesses the mantra, ” customer is king” is the order of the day.

5 things you could do to keep your customers happy. Happy customers is a happy wallet.

Respect your prospects and your customers alike

Andrew Griffiths argues if you don’t respect your customers don’t expect them to come back. Respect is every thing.  Remember the customers are not forced to be served by you. Show them respect and show them appreciation. Gratitude like my pastor always says is application for more.

Keep in touch with your customers

A sale is not an end. It rarely is, it’s actually a start.  Customers don’t want to be  treated in a patronizing manner and  don’t tolerate being lied to.  Customers hate it when you get a sale and you are nowhere to be found. Its bad it feels like they have been used. Some kind of a hit and run incident. Don’t be known for that.

Under promise and over deliver

Whenever you make a promise be cautious. dont bee too excited and fall into your own trap. Control and curb your enthusiasm. Always under promise and over deliver you will always excite your customers.

Reward some of your best customers

“Employees don’t need to be thanked, I pay them after all,”as someone who has worked closely with senior management in an operations environment i have had this saying too often with regards to employees. There is no prize for telling that this is totally an incorrect approach with employees as well as with customers. As a result reward your best customers, its not enough that they benefit from your product they also need to really be loyal with you or business.

Change with customer expectations

Don’t be too rigid. A rigid business will miss a turn. If you do you crush and can get your fingers burnt. Know customer expectations and change with them. Let your marketing, copy writing and sales approach reveal you understand fully customer expectations.

A business that desires to see more and better days has to take care of its customers and give them a reason to come back for more. What are you doing to keep them coming for more?

Just remember no customers are poor suckers for punishment. So don’t make them mad by punishing them even by mistake. Otherwise they wont return.

Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copy writer at

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