8 steps to write copy that grabs and and holds your readers’s attention

What is the most expensive expense you can get from your prospects? If you can afford it and you get it you are on the way to making real money.

Attention is the most expensive expense for any copy writer. Every copy writer or marketer would like to get to grab and hold a prospect’s attention.  Be warned prospects’ attention is never cheap. The good news however is that you can grab and hold your reader’s attention. Any prospect who gives you adequate attention will soon find  that your offer is irresistible.

8 steps to write copy that grabs and holds attention of the prospect

  1. Get the prospects reading your copy to make an investment emotionally. If your prospect make an investment emotionally into your copy they are unlikely to abandon it quickly. If they invest they would like to see a return on investment. Picture a real investor on a stock exchange who buys a certain share and it falls immediately will they sell it off before it rises not likely. They hope for that turn around where they realize their return on the investment made.
  2. Write descriptions that trigger some activity in the in the prospect’s brain. Let your copy be challenging and include curiosity in the copy to lead from one stage to another.
  3. Write copy with transitions that keep prospects glued to your copy. The best place to learn this is in a mystery or thriller novel. Action in your copy must move from sentence to sentence.
  4. Create and write with empathy  in your copy. Empathy opens doors for you in an amazing way.
  5. Create tension with your writing and make your copy almost impossible to leave the page or copy being read. Imagine watching  a good game of soccer of your favourite team. The team is about to score a goal but its not quite happening as fast as you expect. What tension comes to your mind?
  6. Never bore the reader, keep him wanting to hear or know more. Boring is of-course boring. Never do boring with your copy writing.
  7. Write like you speak. Forget essays at school and forget other forms of writing. Conversational copy is key and effective for grabbing and keeping the reader hooked.
  8. Make your writing of copy effortless to read using the Kiss method. Keep it simple sweetie. Complication grabs and holds no one’s attention long enough. Simplicity communicates  in a much more effective way than anything else.


Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @Supervaluecopy.com

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