How does your business appear from the outside looking in?

Forming a corporate image is essential

Big businesses are concerned about what is commonly known as corporate image.  Startup businesses ? Not always, why not? It could only be attributed to ignorance. Most startup entrepreneurs do not know any better. The argument often told is , ” the teacher didn’t teach or a more hilarious, “it wasn’t in the syllabus. “A pretty lame excuse I am sure. In business we have a term for how a business appears from the outside looking in. Its called a corporate image. Image is everything, forget reality for a few minutes.

Corporate image tells the story of your business

Andrew Griffiths argues your corporate image , ” tells the story of your business.” The question to ask to startup entrepreneurs is what story are you telling prospects and customers. You are continuously telling a story there is no doubt. You are better off knowing what story you are telling or is perceived to be telling.

What are you all about?

Your corporate image may tell your prospects what you are all about. It helps prospects make up a position for you against your competition. So you cant afford to ignore corporate image. The worst small businesses act small. This may have unintended consequences. Being small doesn’t mean small service and small delivery. It maybe an advantageous place to be.

Listed below are some elements of any business that may influence your corporate image:


A logo is a must for corporate image. It must be an appropriate one for your business. Let it not confuse your prospects. Let it if possible help tell the story of your business where it is seen.

Tagline words

Words are important in marketing and advertising.  They help evoke emotions and feelings in prospects that warrant some response. They may also help in creating an association with the solution required from the business.

Consistency of delivery of service

In every customer contact point never take a customer or prospect for granted. Take every opportunity like your first and best short at impressing the prospect and customer. Every prospect and customer is King of your business.

Business name

Chose a name carefully to impress on your corporate image. Let your name be memorable where appropriate and let it help you with your corporate story.

Corporate colour

Colours are important in branding and corporate image. Even for a startup sticking to particular colours is essential.

The best way of branding or creating a good corporate image is to to be consistent. Consistency is admirable, it is quality. Imagine what makes people buy a certain Germany car.  It has consistently delivered what was promised.

The whole idea of branding is to conjure up positive perceptions and feelings about your business when your business is mentioned or logos and colours seen. Want to create a good corporate image? Deliver excellence at every contact point.


Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter


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