Catchy slogans but still no one calls. Could you be making this copy writing mistake?

In business lest you forget the only numbers that matter are the ones that are associated with a dollar sign. We call them sales numbers. Everything else becomes commentary. Any effort at marketing or advertising that brings no sales may be a waste of your time and effort. It doesn’t matter what the activity is all about. It must be traced back to sales.

The common mistakes in advertising world is to always draw attention to self either as an organisation or to the product. Dan Kennedy swears by this: “The only reason to advertise is to get prospects to call you.”

The five essential parts to a direct response advert:

The headline

In direct response adverts the headline is a hard worker, working hard to ensure that the advert is read. Normally a benefit headline that answer the question who cares and why should i read further  does the trick. If the headline fails the advert wont be ready or seen and whatever good product you have will be kept a secret.

The lead of the advert

The lead is written so attractive it leads to the next paragraph or sentence being read. If it is not attractive the advert will be abandoned. Of what use is an abandoned or half read advert? The lead should suck in the reader and never let them go.

Credibility or proof

Credibility is created by testimonials. It is the proof that gives credibility to what is claimed or offered. Remember the prospects are not dump, in-fact they are watching you wondering what you are all about.

Irresistible offer

In direct response adverts the offer is everything it can break or make a campaign. Learn to write powerful offers that will make people to say yes without even thinking.

P/S Post Script

The post script helps to reinforce the offer and shows the prospect what they stand to gain and maybe to lose if they are indifferent to the offer.

Whatever adverts you want to run apply the principle of a direct response advert. These types of adverts are sure set on measurable return.


Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief copywriter at Supervaluecopy.










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