What should you guard jealously time or money and how this helps with your marketing?

Have you ever heard this question asked , ” What comes first ? The chicken or the egg?”  In marketing the question often is similarly asked, what should you guard jealously time or money? Well I say time. Time is a finite resource. It’s not renewable. In life when all is said and done often regrets are not that we should have made more money in life. Money doesn’t come second, its not at the back of the list. In fact it’s nowhere on the list. Time can be a big regret both in life and in business. I have often said that if you want to conquer life conquer time.  Time can be a good master, a terrible servant. It waits for no man. It respects no one. As in life as it is in business don’t regret that you didn’t spend enough time with your prospects and customers to really make a difference in their lives.

Invest time wisely

For your marketing to work it needs time. Invest in marketing your business on a daily basis. Block out time for marketing and sales. If you are not marketing you can’t be selling. Success doesn’t come by surprise. Success comes by careful planning of usages of time and and time lines. This doesn’t happen naturally it has to be carefully planned.

What could this mean for you?

Block out time to share your testimonials or other content on social media. Let this be daily planned to create a profitable routine. Invest time in learning for profit. Find the one thing you could do that brings you the biggest bang for your buck. If it means you write and create content daily so be it. If it means you learn about your prospects so be it.

To master time respect it

You can’t master what you don’t understand. Understand time, it is time that is all you have whether you are rich or poor. Good or bad. Time when it’s gone is gone. Master time by understanding when to sell when to comment and when to give before asking back. Time is of essence.

Spend time wisely spend it with with your customers and prospects

Show them, don’t tell them you care. Don’t patronize them they know if you really mean it or not. If you spent time on the storefront listening to your customers and prospects you will figure out without guesswork what they  really care about. What makes them cry and what is truly their pain point. Don’t be too quick to dismiss. Be quick to pay attention though. Attention takes time don’t squander it without a cause.

Time is a big differentiator

Every business could succeed if they had all the time to learn and correct course.  It’s like a high school diploma anyone could get it but times for achievement may vary.  Give time for understanding the need. Give time for establishing a friendship or relation. Give time for a sale. Give time for post sales its customer relationships that keeps them with you.


Are you spending the right amount of time doing the right kind of things in your business? It’s sure about time.


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @ Supervaluecopy.com




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