So how can you retain reader’s interest with your copy?

So how can you retain reader’s interest with your copy?

The ultimate goal of your marketing copy is to result in a sale. A sales letter is straight forward, the jackpot is a sale. Your copy may not always result in a sale every copy writer knows that, no doubt. With this in mind if your copy fails to make a sale let it retain the readers’s interest and persuade them to return to your web page, blog page or your social media page soon rather than later.

How can you do this?

Like in killing a cat there are many ways but today i will mention only two.

1. Write the benefits and features of your product or service in order of importance. The most important benefit or feature starts followed by less important till the least important.

2. Although you should list benefits and features in order of importance reserve a surprise benefit or feature for the last part of your copy. Whatever you do don’t let your letter or marketing copy fizzle out.
Surprise the reader and close the sale whilst they are recovering from the shock.

Your minor benefits in between should be still colurful and potent to retain the interest of the reader.

Hope you continue to retain your reader’s interest with these tips.

Do you have any questions on retaining reader interest in marketing copy? Comment below.

By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copy Writer 

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