Which type of leads are you chasing?

A few weeks ago, I wrote that some businesses and products need two steps before a prospect becomes a customer. A wise entrepreneur understands this. For example, in a retail shop where you are selling groceries and everyday stuff. You rarely need leads. You just need traffic to your shop and you are home and dry.

When you sell complex products or services you often need leads. A lead can be a prospect who raises up their hand to say I may be interested to hear more from you about your business or services. When you sell expensive products or services you need leads. Imagine a lawyer or actuary standing up on the street corner saying come inside for services. It doesn’t look right, doesn’t it? A professional needs leads.

When you are a professional looking for people to sell to, create leads. The old age wisdom of sales is to sell to those who need what you are selling and close those that need closing. Anything else outside this may be unnecessary hard work. Smart work is better and more profitable. In sales and marketing greater are the profits of working hard and smart than hard without brain.

There are four types of leads any business that has been in operation for some time has.

Not yet ready leads:

These are people that have asked about your services but are still comparing or deciding. They may not be in need now and might be in need in future. The secret is to learn to find them and nurture them for buying.

Dead leads

Dead leads are your fault. These are prospects that raised their hands a long time before and you have since lost touch with them. You may not be remembered in their memory as well. They may have looked like they were too far off coming. You were impatient, and you gave up on them. You gave up because you had no system for lead nurturing. Most that quit because of no systems that work to nurture the prospects.

Dormant leads

Dormant leads are clients you have neglected. They were once yours somewhere in the past, but you have lost constant contact with them. These need you to find a way of keeping close and memorable contact.

New leads

These are hot leads. They have just asked about your brochure or special report. Keep them interested and don’t let them out of the hook. Don’t let them disappear. Keep them even closer.

Every business with complex or expensive products and services needs to have a lead generating nurturing and conversion strategy. Does your have ? Lets share it.

Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @ Supervaluecopy.com

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