The 4 challenges start up entrepreneurs face that they urgently need to address

The 4 challenges start up entrepreneurs face that they urgently need to address

Entrepreneurship is no child’s play. If it was everyone would be involved somehow. It’s not just about following your dream but more about keeping the dream alive in times of so many disappointments. In entrepreneurship you can be assured of this there are more who quit than those do stay the course. If you know of any entrepreneur who has stayed the course for a few years give them enough respect. Patience do sure pays.

  1. Learning the niche and continuously trying to improve the business and offering in that niche

The disadvantage of every start up is that they rarely have insurmountable amounts to hire the best man for the job and rarely are they the best man for the job themselves. Their challenge is they need to constantly learn their niche or industry as well as how to improve the business. Quite often this turns out to be insurmountable a for an individual.

  1. How to keep adding value to your clients

The entrepreneur need this question surely answered. One can’t afford to stop asking this question lest they find themselves dying a sure slow death. A wise man one said to me value is the real deal. The customers continue to patronise your business for one thing only for value. The solutions your business offers is the real value.

  1. How can you differentiate yourself in ways that your prospects value?

Entrepreneurs soon realise starting a me-too business is not an option. There is too many fish in the sea one must soon differentiate and craft a unique selling proposition.  Without it your business is in a crowd few prospects can pick a business in a crowd.

Differentiation is the only strategy that gives a start-up entrepreneur serious mileage fast. When you rock up on the scene and you are different your prospects know why you came and why they must come to you.

  1. Stay tuned to where the money is

A start up entrepreneur soon realises that there are two types of customers, those who pay and those who don’t. There are two types of customers pick the ones that pay and don’t give you grief. You can’t get money from customers who threaten to pay. Chose those that act on their word ask for referrals even. Whatever you do get more like them.


Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @Supervakuecopy

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