Your prospects are skeptical. Don’t make the mistake of making claims without proof.

Failure is not fatal in business

We all have been there before, done that and perhaps got a t shirt, as the saying goes.  When I started in business I sure made some stupid mistakes. There were many for sure but I look back now and thank God I made them. Success sure comes from learned failures.

One of my mistakes was making a wild seemingly unfounded claim. People in this day of abundance of information and knowledge I learnt not to make unfounded claims.

Prospects are skeptical

Your prospects are wary of your claims. They don’t know you and don’t trust you. If you don’t prove claims forget that you will sell anything to anyone. Sells come from trusted sellers.

Copy writing has taught me to plan for proof whenever I write let’s say an advert. Don’t leave room for doubt. Doubt doesn’t sell. For every claim in your copy prove it.

Listed below are the five ways to prove claims.

  1. Test

Let the prospect test for themselves your product or service. Car sales is a great example. People usually buy after a test drive. Digital books as well. A chapter may be given to test drive before the whole book is sold and downloaded.

  1. Sampling

This is an old tactic where some merchandiser for example offers samples before prospects decide.

  1. Comparison

Comparisons show how you are different from your competition or the pack.

  1. Visuals

They say seeing is believing. Visuals help prospects believe in your product especially when they see a demonstration at work.

  1. Demonstrations

Demonstrations paint the picture in a thousand words. Trade shows sometimes achieve this effect and prove quite effective with prospects for complex and difficult to explain products.

Whatever copy you write whatever claims you make prove them. If you can’t you are not persuasive enough.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @

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