How to create a competitive advantage through the power of habit? The habit of giving more than you have sold.

As someone who has worked in various industries throughout my adult life. As someone also observant of our politicians and even fellow employees through out my working life I can safely say that the attitude of entitlement has killed more opportunities than a lot other things we blame. If you have the attitude of entitlement you wont give more than you have sold.

Napoleon Hill puts it this way, “ The habit of doing more than paid for”. He says it gives an advantage to the selling of professional services. I beg to differ with him. It gives an advantage to the selling of anything. As long as you are in some kind of persuasion it is an absolute, must have habit.

This habit works when you are an individual, it also works when you are selling for an organisation. It is said often that attack is the best form of defense. Surprise attack is a sure way of defending well.

Whenever you do more than is expected for your customers, your boss or even your friends and spouses, it’s a sure way of superior customer care. You can be assured reward will come soon or later.

Napoleon Hill argues that this is the sure way of building good will. By practicing the habit of doing more than the customer has paid for.

Below I have listed some of the advantages Napoleon Hill has highlighted. These are the  advantages through this habit:

  • The habit turns favourable spotlight onto those who practice it.
  • This habit makes anyone who practice it stand out from the crowd.
  • He who gives more without asking or expectation will get more unexpectedly.
  • Practising this habit keeps one on the payroll, keeps one in business.
  • This habit makes the one who practises it indispensable.

If anyone in business needs good customer care let them learn this powerful habit. Remember if you look after your customers, spouse or boss they will be naturally obliged to reciprocate. As long as people are involved this works all the time like a charm.

Where in your business could you start applying this habit? Leave comments below.

Written and compiled by Aubrey Mavhuli  Chief Copywriter @ based on Napoleon Hill’s book ; How to sell yourself through life.












One thought on “How to create a competitive advantage through the power of habit? The habit of giving more than you have sold.

  1. naphtaliolafisoye says:

    It is a great principle Sir. God bless you and keep flying higher.
    “Those who reach for the breast tape of their job descriptions alone are going to continue in the operational level of their carrier for ever while those who take the tape aside and walk or run some distance more will arrive at the strategic end suddenly. They don’t look for salary but satisfaction. They don’t look for money but the interest of their customer. They don’t look for attention but for intention to represent the company well to the best of their ability. They transit to significance, everyone like this.” O. Naphtali Olafisoye

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