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Get free advertising advice here

Have you ever contemplated advertising in a printed newspaper or magazine? Don’t you ever think it’s always a waste of time it is not always a waste. Like all marketing it’s a waste of time if you don’t what you are doing. What does it mean not to know what you are doing? Advertising without a goal and direction. Advertising is not guesswork but informed marketing, it can be very profitable.

Quite often I see entrepreneurs who advertise once and say advertising doesn’t work. Advertising is a marketing tool a very potent one. But to be honest like all tools it doesn’t work unless you do.

The anatomy of a basic print advert is this: headline, visual and body. It is also possible just to have some adverts as headlines or visuals or headlines with visuals. Some adverts have it all.

There are two types of main adverts based on customers types. There are B2B adverts and B2C adverts.

To write better performing advice follow the advice outlined below:

  1. Benefit with benefits in your headline

To write attention grabbing adverts write advert headlines with benefits. The benefit is the what’s in it for me answer for the prospect.

  1. Fish out potential users by being specific

Attention all home owners is a headline that is specific to homeowners. It knows who should respond to the advertisement.

  1. Make your adverts time friendly

Are your adverts time friendly? The average prospect is swamped and hasn’t got time. Let your advert be easy to understand even while browsing or skimming over the adverts. Use bullets or subhead lines to be effective.

  1. Make use of testimonials

Use of testimonials does two things, identifies and suggests typical users and give an independent to endorse your product or service.

5.  Learn the power of free.

Learn the power of free’ see what i have used on the headline above. Ride on the magic of the word free. Give out free something of value with your headline. No one hates a free lunch no matter how rich you are.

The last advice not about writing adverts but featuring them in a print magazine or publication is if you haven’t got lots of money for advertising you are better off advertising often than not at all. Run small adverts regularly than long adverts once a year. No one will remember you and you lose the value of advertising.

Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @

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