Is your website useful? Or it’s just sitting on the server without making you money?

Are you paying for your website but you don’t know why?

Luck Dube is the one who sang, “I am paying my gardener to do my garden…but there is one man I am paying I don’t know why?” The legendary artist of course referred to our politicians.  In all countries the citizens continue to pay the politicians with no end in sight to their problems. Spending time with entrepreneurs I seem to hear a similar tune but its only that this time it says I don’t know why referring to the websites.

A website is marketer’s tool

A website is a tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Like all tools nothing works until you do. A website for a business organisation should be monetised. This does not necessarily mean you run an E-commerce website. It means you use your website as a marketing tool that it is meant to be. Some of the businesses use websites for branding, conveying information on products and for lead generation. The goal is to create a sale which means money.

Every marketer with a website has one dilemma. How do I drive traffic to my website? Figure that out and you sure on the right path to potentially coining it.

The 5 essential questions before you launch your website.

How do I attract visitors to my website?

Why should they visit?

Why should they stay for long?

Why should they return to the website ?

How do you capture their details?

The aim of a website is to reach page number one of Google search engine for certain popular keywords in the industry. If you do that for your website your marketing costs come down drastically.

There are five measurements to consider on a website that influence ranking namely:

  • Total visitors to the website.
  • Percentage of site visitors
  • Total searches carried on the website
  • Total time visitors spend on a website
  • How authoritative is the website this is usually measured by the websites linking to the website under consideration?

Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @

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