Are you marketing to businesses or consumers and why the difference matters?

There is two types of marketing B2B and B2C. B2B is short for business to business. This is the type of marketing where businesses sell to other businesses. B2C refers to business to consumers marketing.

Trying to hook or attract B2B clients like you do B2C clients is a sure way to failure.  The focus of any good business should be on getting good clients.  The success of any good business depends on the clients the business has. Great clients give you plenty work, they are willing to pay the fees you charge and give you the work you enjoy.

The painful opposite is getting clients you do not like. These are clients and customers that don’t give you work you enjoy, they don’t pay well, and they make you miserable with unending demands that they don’t want to pay for in full.

With the issues mentioned above in mind business looks like its no place for joy. Do not lose heart. There is hope for the entrepreneurs. The power lies in deciding who you would want to serve. Find your niche in your industry and you may as well be on the path to getting the right kind of clients.

Decide exactly who you will serve. Find a niche that that you enjoy serving in your industry and start from there.

It’s a terrible mistake to try to serve every prospect in the universe. Figure out your high probability customers and clients. The most common mistake in my opinion start up entrepreneurs make is to try to serve everyone. Trying to serve one means you will try to attract everyone. That strategy is sure bound to fail dismally. If you try to serve everyone your marketing has no focus. Unfocused marketing attracts no one. It is not an investment but a huge and unnecessary cost.

People don’t want to be considered as part of a large group. They want to be made to feel special. If your marketing message says, “Hello all” it might miss everyone.

The secret is to keep your marketing focused. Figure out your marketing core message that resonates with your market and is best deliverable with your appropriate media.

The secret of marketing is to understand the three M’s of marketing namely, Message, Media and Market as Dan Kennedy says. Your market is the prospects you have decided to target, the market determines the message and the media you will use to attract the market.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter @

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