Are you trying to sell without harmony?

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling with copy or selling in person. There can be no sales if you don’t create rapport with your prospects. Take a prospect who needs what you are offering, what makes them not buy from you?

Have you ever just had a feeling not to proceed with a sale? You really wanted a product, the benefits were clear, but for some reason you just couldn’t identify with the seller. I know the feeling, and I can admit I have had it a couple of times.

Sales is not an event, no doubt. Sales is a process. Sales is relationships. Prior to asking for that huge order build the environment upon which your sale can thrive.

The secret of sales success lies in your planning. Planning is the first step in sales success. You must plan for success in order to succeed. Plan your whole interaction with your prospect. You better know before hand what sort of an encounter would favour your business.

If there is no harmony between you and the prospect, there is little luck with sales. The easiest way to create harmony is to be observant and ask questions that might be of little impact but whose answers can only be a “yes”. If there is no small yes, there is definitely no big one you can almost expect that.

Get two or three “yeses” before the big ask. This is akin to the customer nodding their head in the affirmative before the “big ask”. Remember what I always teach that sales is like marriage. A man who wants to marry gets plenty small “yesses” before he makes the big yes of marriage. A discussion on the small talk such as weather, customer’s environment can start up the small “yesses”.

One way of killing rapport is to ask something the prospect will say no to. If the prospect doesn’t say yes initially you might have lost the prospect. A lost prospect might not be recovered.

Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copy writer at



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