Is your professional firm struggling to acquire customers for you?

Is your professional firm struggling to acquire customers for you?

Professionals struggle to market their businesses

Most professionals struggle to acquire customers for their professional firms. I can’t pin blame on them. It is like my former colleague used to say whenever I asked him something he didn’t know, “It wasn’t in the syllabus.” Professionals like Michael E. Gerber author of the E-Myth says they are often technicians too involved in the business to make it really work. Sometimes to make a start-up professional business work all it takes is to step out and have a bigger picture of your business.

Ethics may stand in the way of marketing professional businesses

Some professionals like doctors, accountants and lawyers in some countries have ethics and codes when it comes to advertising, but that’s okay.

What is interesting to note is that if you are a start up professional you will not attract a lot of traffic to your offices unless you are known. Being known is not a short journey. It may take time.

Attract business ethically

You can learn to attract customers without forceful advertising. Listed below are some of the ethical ways to attract business to a professional firm without stepping on professional body toes. Create perception of being a guru or an expert, after all are you not a professional?

  1. Create a newsletter

Create a newsletter targeted at your prospects or typical prospects. Find out their frequently asked questions and write a newsletter to address their concerns. Let’s say you are you are a labour lawyer. You could create an e-newsletter that you circulate to potential prospects. You could go out to advertise the newsletter only asking prospects to subscribe for free advice on labour law.

  1. You could create a blog

Creating a blog is part of greater content marketing. Content marketing can be in the form of edu-marketing. You write a blog to teach prospects so that you can create awareness and need for your services.

  1. Write articles to newspapers and magazines

Find trade or specialist magazines that you propose to write articles or columns for in your niche. Let’s say you are a doctor who specialises in family medicine. You could write articles or subcontract a copy writer to write articles on family medicine for you for a newspaper or magazine.

  1. Give free talks

Find a decent venue and give free talks. Let your talk like your articles would address some of the prospects’ pain points for free. Remembering what they say there is nothing like free lunch.

  1. Create a V-log

If writing is not your thing take videos and talk. Post your videos on social media like Facebook and You -tube.

  1. Create a podcast

If you don’t like writing and you are camera shy you could create podcasts where you teach or interview other professionals or get interviewed.

  1. Create special reports

You could also create special reports that you write or hire a copy writer to write to address a special pain point in your niche.

  1. Create white papers

Create and publish a white paper in your niche offer it for free.

  1. Create checklist that you share

Create a checklist that you share with your prospects.

  1. Write a book

Saving the best for last is what I have done here. There is no greater profile, nor greater business card or cv or resume for a professional than for a professional to publish a book. A book says it all. The perception that a book creates for your professional business is huge. The perception is if you can write a book about it you know more about it therefore I can trust you.

As you share all this content you create a guru status and are considered a specialist in your niche. This boosts your brand and it makes you charge right fees as people always expect to charge more at a specialist than at a generalist.

Publishing a blog, newsletter or E-zine helps with what is called relationship marketing. Just remember that sales is after all relationships and all else is commentary. A good example is the news channels. They portray certain celebrities so many times if any one of us is asked do you know such and such a celebrity or politician we are convinced we know them, yet we have never spoken to them or met them.

Relational marketing helps build trust for your brand. Just remember people as well buy from people they trust.

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