Do you use adverts in your business which advert do you use?

Are you advertising your business which type of advert are using?

There are basically two main types of adverts namely brand or awareness adverts and my favourite direct response adverts.

Brand advertising

Awareness adverts’ purpose is to make readers, hearers and viewers aware of a product, service or an organisation. It is meant to build preference in the heart of the buyer.

The awareness campaign rarely tries to garner a sale. Brand awareness is premised on the understanding that results that bring about a sale take a long journey.

Brand awareness is not a work of pennies this is usually associated with huge budgets. It is always debatable if this brings about a traceable direct link to increase in sales immediately. There is a joke that’s often said John Wanamaker (1838-1922) is believed to have said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”.  The tragedy is that even in this century some marketers are still on this route of not knowing.

Brand advertising is an investment not a gamble. It takes time to reap the benefits generally with brand advertsing.

Many start up entrepreneurs see big organisations using this route of brand advertising and hope it will work for their small little start-up. Generally, they are disappointed to find out it doesn’t pay off fast enough. For very small start-ups quite often they die before they start making money with brand advertising. The money is often a long way and long time coming.

Direct response advertising

Enter direct response advertising. This is the form of advertising here to help all small start-ups who are not happy to spend the other half on advertising without results.

Direct response marketing is not just about awareness. In fact, it cares little about awareness but wants to solicit some kind of a response, hence the name direct response. Direct response can be measured. You can know in a very short time if it has worked or not.

Direct response could constitute :

  • Visit to your store
  • Visit to your website
  • Use of a coupon
  • Buy the product
  • Request a report or newsletter

If the sales is not immediate in direct response the marketer requires to capture the details of the prospect.

Steve Slaunwhite one of my copy writing mentors says of Brand advertising that it wants to impress you while direct response advertising wants to sell you.

Before writing an advert, the marketer must consider the following and decide the impact and outcome:

  • Prospects to choose your product ahead of the competition
  • Associate an attribute such as safety with your product
  • Visit your website
  • Remember product name
  • Remember organisational name

A typical direct response advert usually has the following attributes:

  • An eye catching and attractive headline
  • A memorable and attractive visual
  • Body copy
  • And a call to action
  • Post script or P/S that reiterates the offer

Written By Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter of

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