How can I drive traffic to my website?

How to drive traffic to a website

As a direct response copy writer and marketer I believe in one thing only when it comes to marketing.  Results talk, talk walks. For every dollar spent on marketing there should be more dollars coming in. I measure marketing success based on ROMD: Return on Marketing Dollars. Many startup entrepreneurs don’t understand websites.  A website is no good unless it brings in dollars. I have often described a website as a business card or a profile. It’s no good unless it’s distributed. You can have the best company and have the best looking website but unless you have a strategy to get it known and visited out there you got nothing.

What purpose does your website serve?

The simple purpose of a website is to help you make money. The whole idea of a website is this: market the website url to drive traffic to it. When visitors come make sure they stay. Get them interested enough to stay long enough and to give you their details. This is essential if you want to quickly make money with your website. You cant wait for visitors to come in an erratic manner. Just remember a bird in the hand is worth double those in the bush.

How do you get web visitors details?

Create a lead magnet or a bait. Let’s say you sell gym membership and your website wants to sell gym membership. What do you do? You could run a competition let’s say to offer 24 months free gym membership to a luck fitness enthusiast. Let’s say your gym, membership costs $600 per 24 months. It means you have lost $600 right? Did I hear you cry? Not quite right there. If you do this in a medium that throws a 1000 entrances onto your website who signup their details to potentially win the $600 it means you have created first a thousand leads for your business and also if you follow up with the not so successful you can mail them and convince them to signup. Lets say 2 percent agree it means twenty sign up at $600 that means the $600 was the cost of acquiring $600 times twenty which is $12000. It’s a no brainer isn’t it?

Listed below are some of the ways of driving traffic to your website:

  1. Promote traffic through news groups

Join newsgroups and promote through sharing valuable content published on your website. Content is king. Content is what drives traffic and content is what helps with search engine optimization for your site to be visible to search engines. Answer questions on newsgroups in your area of specialization and always put your url.

       2. Use advertising methods such as pay per click to drive traffic to your website

Advertise your website to drive traffic to it. This is simple but costs money. With pay per click you only pay for clicks.

       3. Write articles for other publications with lots of traffic and let your bio have a URL link to your website.

     4. Give away free gifts from your website and that way drive traffic to your website.

      5. Share new content with your own personal and industry contacts on your website.

       6. Hand out business cards with your URL and put a bait on it for people to visit your website.

Some tactics will be more effective than others in driving traffic. The secret is to focus on the tactics with a higher return on marketing dollars. Marketing is testing. Test to see what works and dump what doesn’t work.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter




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