Who must you write your marketing copy to and why?

Who must you write your marketing copy to and why?

If you are involved in writing sales letters or emails you must be careful who you write to. There is a saying that, ‘marketing is selling to the masses’. Its true and I believe it but don’t you dare write to the masses. There is no connection. You can’t connect with masses. If you can’t connect you can’t cause to act. If your marketing copy can’t result in action you are wasting copy.

Write not to an organisation. Organisations don’t have hearts. Organisations don’t have emotions. Organisations don’t have ears, don’t have eyes either. Organisations can’t read. Write to an individual.

If you are writing a sales letter or email make your prospect believe it was marketed only to him. Phrases like ‘some of you…’ is a no no. It is distant and downright arrogant. It doesn’t work to be arrogant to the person you are selling to.

Address your marketing or sales copy to a’ you’. Keep the copy always ‘you’ oriented. Consider the prospect’s beliefs, feelings and desires.

The worst copy is one that blows your own horn. Forget and I mean definitely do so. Forget to tell prospects how wonderful
you are. Your prospects don’t wanna know how glorious you are. They are better off knowing how better off they can be after getting your solutions.

Your copy should be conversational. Don’t make it an essay. Don’t make it a report. Sometimes grammar might be sacrificed for flow. If your copy doesn’t flow it doesn’t wow. If it doesn’t wow the prospect it doesn’t sell.

So bottom line is write to an individual and not a group and keep your copy prospect oriented.

written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy.com

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