Could you be doing email marketing all wrong? Six things you shouldn’t do if you are serious about succeeding with email marketing.

An email is a great marketing tool

An email is like a knife or razor blade. A good tool that can go wrong in the hands of wrong marketers or entrepreneurs. The complaint I often hear about email marketing is it doesn’t work. Doesn’t it? One thing I have come to learn in this industry of marketing and copy writing is: talk is cheap and results don’t lie.

Email marketing is alive and well. All you need is to learn the good secrets which I hope to share with you just now.

There are four main reasons for email marketing:

  1. Informational emails

These are emails used to send industry news, information to customers and prospects.

  1. Promotional emails

These are emails are used to promote goods and services and to sell and start sales relationships.

  1. Customer service emails

These are emails used for customer relationship building, and relation maintenance with customers.

  1. Follow-up and acknowledging emails

Acknowledgement and follow-ups can be done using emails. This could be acknowledging request or even a previous request.

Six things you must not do when email marketing:

  1. Do not write your message on emails as if you are writing content on a flyer or advert.
  2. Don’t be too aloof and detached from your readers. Write personal emails using a personal tone.
  3. Get to the point quickly. Don’t use the long winding road that delays getting to the point of your email.
  4. Have a reason for writing don’t just write an email blast from nowhere. Refer to your reason for contacting.
  5. Don’t send too many promotional and prospecting emails. Email is not your space its your prospect’s space.
  6. Email is your prospect’s space don’t patronize your prospects on email.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

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