Is fear of failure holding your prospects from becoming your customers?

Your prospects don’t want to fail

We all have been there done that and got a t-shirt. What is promised is not always experienced. Your customers have been there too. They have made mistakes before. They have been embarrassed by their choices before.

Whatever you are selling remember to make your prospects to be confident in you and in your promise. Show them, don’t tell them that you are on their side. If you really are on their side prove it.

No matter how strong you you feel about the goodness of your product prove it. Talk is cheap, that is what every prospect is silently saying to you.

Every prospect remembers and dreads at the time they have been promised good looks by stylists and they were disappointed. They have made terrible mistakes of choice before. Was it a spouse, a car, a job,  a neighbourhood a course we have all been there and don’t wanna re-live that experience. It’s a dreadful experience.

Build trust and the confidence with your prospects. Show them your offer is not a lemon. It is a choice they can count on.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs kill all trust with presentation and appearance. Don’t say, I know my job what has my dressing to do with my skill.

Be patient and look the part. Conform till you become Bill Gates or someone tried and tested then you can be who you really want to be and wear or look the way you really want to.

So long everybody.  Going on a holiday might not write to you till end of next week.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter of Supervaluecopy.

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What do you think is holding your prospects from buying? 






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