“Maybe this widget isn’t meant for you? ” Using the power of the “Take away close”

The power of the take away close.

Sales isn’t child’s play. Picture this you are presenting to a prospect and the prospect hasn’t bought in yet. What do you do? You take a chance. You announce softly, “Maybe this isn’t for you?” You start to pack your equipment ready to go.

What could happen? No one knows for sure! But sales is mind games. Psychology is more relevant in many sales situations than anywhere else.

As soon as you do that some prospects may feel threatened by the fear of loss and ask you to stop. We all love a good challenge, don’t we? We love what we can’t or shouldn’t have. The lesson here is as soon as you tell people they can’t have something they feel challenged and soon start to desire it.

Picture a teenage girl who is told by all and sundry that your boyfriend isn’t good for you what does she do? She feels fuelled to go for the forbidden, relationship, right?

Listed below are some variations of the take away close:

“Don’t buy stationery today!”

Doesn’t this catch your attention because you surely expect to be told the opposite right?

Then the voice continues, “Wait till Saturday when CC Furniture has a big half-price sale!”

Your attention is captured and you maybe kind of shocked.

“Order today, the supplies are limited” is yet another variation of the take away close.

“Call today to find out if you qualify, for 2% below prime home loan.”

The take away close is premised on scarcity. Scarcity raises value more than abundance does.

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