Before you write copy for your business or product ask this : What is the objective of my copy?

As a copywriter my perfect client is an entrepreneur or marketing manager who knows what they want and why I have to write the copy I have to write for them?  The objective is key before any one sits down to write any copy. If the objective is known research and writing is a piece of cake.

In order to help clients who are not sure they know what they want I have listed below the  7 main reasons why most entrepreneurs and marketers need a copy writer to write copy for their businesses.

1. To generate sales

In direct response businesses this is the main reason for writing copy. The organisation would like to send a letter to a Mr Joe Soap and get Mr Joe Soap send the organisation a cheque. This is one major reason for copy written in direct response organisations.

2.  To answer and generate inquiries

A response email may be written to answer a prospect’s inquiries. This response is written normally to prove that the organisation or product is the best match for the prospect’s needs. Its a less forceful sales letter. A sales letter in disguise you could say.

To generate inquiries a warm prospecting email or even cold call may be written with the intention of generating inquiries.

3. To qualify prospects

Copy may be written to qualify prospects. For example the headline may fish out home owners, or plumbers or teachers, this qualifies the prospects. Qualifying is important for target marketing.

4. To transmit product information

Manuals are copy written to transmit the information of products and even services for the better understanding of by prospects and customers.

5. To build brand recognition plus preference

Social media, adverts and content marketing copy can be written to achieve brand recognition and brand presence. The copy may be written for the written word or even for videos.

6. To promote a company and brand image 

Promotional copy may be written also to promote a brand or image of an organisation. This can be public relations copy or simply a newsletter or blog copy that is written to achieve the objective.

7. To generate and nurture leads

Special reports, white papers, newsletters and all other forms of content marketing are written sometimes as bait to be offered to website visitors to make them subscribers. These subscribers then become hot leads for the business.

Whatever your reason for wanting copy written for your business you can be assured there is a copy writer who specializes in that type of copy. Its hard to imagine marketing without copy.

As Chief Copywriter for Supervaluecopy I write lead generation and lead nurturing copy for entrepreneurs and suppliers marketing to engineers and production managers.

Would your business benefit from a newsletter, a blog or a white paper or special report written for you contact me urgently.   I am available on a selected basis to a few entrepreneurs and marketers. Would your business benefit from a free audit on your current copy. Let me audit and give you a full report on the pluses and shortcomings of your website and offline copy.  This offer is  valid till the 30th of March 2018.

Chief Copywriter Aubrey Mavhuli +27 73 325 0405



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