What if what you knew about advertising was wrong for your startup business?

What if what you knew about advertising was wrong?

It’s a difficult scenario to fathom, for most start up marketers and entrepreneurs but what if there was a room that you could be wrong? Then what next?

To be successful like I wrote before, you ought to leave room to be wrong. If you don’t leave room to be wrong, ‘you won’t grow” TD Jakes says. I agree with him if you don’t leave room to be wrong you won’t learn and if you are not learning you are not growing.

The quick research I did had quite some interesting results.  The mistakes that start up entrepreneurs make with regards to advertising are learned mistakes.  Young start-ups grow up on big brands’ adverts and think when they start their business they will also advertise like Nike or Coca cola.  Boy oh boy could you be wrong? Big brands advertise all over the place in various media sometimes with just a logo and slogan and everyone else knows who is advertising.

The mistakes emanate from the fact that no one explains the whole story of the big brands advertising. I will attempt to do so now.

Let’s take an advert of Nike sportswear with their logos and slogan. Does it work? Yes, it does work. But is it good for your start up business? It will be good for your start up if your start up is as big as Nike and everyone knows about it, that’s crazy, right? See my point. Catch my drift.

A start up is not known by all people hence, if it advertises with symbols and logos that no one knows of with no words it is wasting money. That advertising dollar is better of spent somewhere else.

Below is a list of some of the advertising mistakes that start up entrepreneurs make:

  • They make adverts that are creative for the sake of being creative.
  • Adverts are designed to please self or company directors but not the buyers
  • Adverts are designed to entertain and make people laugh. You don’t want laughing prospects but buying customers.
  • Advert’s goal is the industry awards
  • Adverts are designed to draw attention to self. It is like the advert is shouting. “Hey, I am an advert please see or hear me.”
  • Advert are purposely not clear and intention unclear, therefore no call to action.

I hope your business can take off from these few lessons and start advertising better.


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