The 8 essential elements of persuasive copy writing.

Copy writing is not important, one young man quipped. Persuasive copy writing should not be bothered with if you are going to be an employee all your life.”

I found that a little fun, need I say more.

Copy writing has become a business essential. It’s everywhere.

Imagine sending your resume looking for a job. Your cv is a work of a copy writer. Your cover letter is a work of copy writing. If it’s not persuasive you can as well forget that interview or that job.

You want to get a position at a boarding school, you have to apply, right? The letter is a work of copy writing. To write a letter disputing your fines or tickets you need a to write, right? That letter is copy written for a purpose.

The greatest tragedy of our time, of the 21st century is ignorance amidst a sea of information. Ignorance mixed with arrogance is a total disaster. Like TD Jakes says, “if you don’t leave room to be wrong, you won’t grow”.

If you realise that persuasive copy writing is found everywhere and continues to grow you will agree with me that you are better off learning basics about it. Its ok not to learn or want to learn if you can afford a copy writer like myself.

Listed below are the essential elements found in persuasive copy.

  1. Gain attention

For all copy the first step to being persuasive is to be read. To succeed in persuasion gain attention of your readers. If you capture no attention you will have no willing readers.


  1. Focus on the customer, prospect or buyer

Focus on the customer is the compass that keeps your copy relevant. If you forget the buyer you can as well forget the sale. Forget the reader, the audience and forfeit the persuasion. Persuasion, won’t happen if the copy is inward looking and not outward looking to the audience.


  1. Emphasise and stress benefits to the buyer or customer

The benefit is the WIIFM. The customer would like to know and is right to do so “What Is In It For Me?” Every copy you write ask what is in it for the other person reading it?


  1. Differentiate from the competition

The customer is inundated with choices. The customer demands to know why they must consider you? What is so special about you?


  1. Proves a case

Persuasive copy is about proving a certain case. The case is what was sold or promised in the headline. Don’t let your headline down by failing to prove what was promised in the headline.


  1. Establishes credibility

Credibility is everything. Persuasive copy should be credible and prove the credibility of the promiser.


  1. Builds value

Persuasive copy should build and show value. The buyer puts his or her money on a scale and if the money is more than what they should be getting they won’t be persuaded to do anything. They won’t buy your story or claim. Buyers buy your story, and claim before theyou are persuaded to part with their money.


  1. Closes with a call to action

Persuasive copy is the highest form of writing. It doesn’t surrender till there is call for action. The ultimate test for persuasive copy is a call to action. Persuasive copy moves rocks in the readers and audience.

Persuasive writing is here to stay. You are better off learning it. Every body, every institution needs it.

Written and compiled by Chief Copywriter

Supervaluecopy Aubrey Mavhuli

Can I write a promotion for your product or service? For all lead generation copy or strategies contact me. Do you need a trainer on sales, marketing and copy writing? Call me for copy writing that brings results.

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