Harnessing the power of email in marketing and sales.

Who else wants to take advantage of email as a potent tool for marketing and even sales?

Dynamite comes in small packages. But leaves a huge mark. Email marketing is dynamite. It transcends all businesses. The giants and emerging entrepreneurs alike can both use it. Email has so many advantages. Its crazy not to use it.

One rule of email marketing is not to write like you are an academic. The secret of successful copy writing is this: write like you talk. Know your audience and you will be alright.

There are four ways your business could benefit from email marketing:

Lead generation

Email marketing is great for lead generation. It works both for business to business B2B as well as Business to consumer B2C.

You could email prospects with a free report, free checklist, whitepaper, case study.

The secret is to focus your email copy on persuading the prospect or customer to get the free offer not on the sale.

Lead nurturing

Through email you can keep contact with your prospects. No excuse for not contacting your leads, your prospects and customers. Email is easy. Short is sweet and will suffice.

New Announcements

Is your business doing something worth announcing. Email can be a great public relations tool. Even the fact that you have posted a video or a blog on You tube or Facebook page can be announced by email.

Email Electronic Newsletters

Sending out emails with a link to a blog or an electronic newsletter establishes you as an expert continuously in touch with your customers leads and prospects.

For email to work harness emails through some kind of bait so that you can be white listed on necessary email addresses.

Do you have a question on email marketing you can post a question below.

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By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter B2b and Direct Response copywriting



Could i write an email campaign for your services or product launch? Contact me early. I am available on a limited bases to a few marketing managers and entrepreneurs who need copy that brings results. Aubrey +27 733250405

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