Are you selling to engineers or accountants your copy should be less emotional.

When marketing to engineers

What do I know about engineers ? Just a little i guess. Who can figure out engineers or accountants? There is a saying set a thief to catch a thief. All my adult life I have worked as a metallurgist, production manager solar sales engineer and entrepreneur. I am married to an accountant I know a bit about marketing to both professionals.

This is what i know about marketing to engineers and writing copy marketing to engineers and accountants:

Engineers enjoy jargon

Jargon is the language engineers understand so when you speak to them or market to them speak a language they understand. Engineers are people. People like people who are like them. One way to establish rapport with people is to speak a language they understand. Engineers have a visual language which consists of graphs, pie charts, plans, tables etc.

Engineers and accountants love information and facts

Hype can’t cut it when marketing to engineers facts will fare well to emotions and hype. If your copy is full of hot air and no facts engineers will see through it.

Engineers may like features not just the benefits.

They need to know the features of your product or service, performance, power rating, sizes, volumes and rates etc. For example an engineer buying a pump may be interested in size, reliability, efficiency weight, power rating etc.

Engineer’s and accountants purchases are considered purchases

Engineers rarely engage in impulse buying. Engineers may carefully consider every purchase prior to buying. Accountants alike may weigh every cent.

Be straight forward

Engineers respond less to irony but more to the straightforward approach. No gimmicks impress engineers or accountants.

So know who you are selling to. Are you selling to engineers and accountants whitepapers and special reports may be more appropriate for your business than simply pushing hype filled copy.

By Aubrey Mavhuli Free lance Direct Response and B2b Copywriter

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