How learning marketing made me a better husband and a much more pleasant person to spend time with.

For someone who started off in Engineering I wished logic ruled the world. Logic sounded far more logical than emotions to me, excuse me for lack of a better word.

I measured pretty much everyone and everything on how logical they were or it was. Well I am not ashamed to admit I was wrong. The world hinges do not rotate on logic. Logic there is no doubt is something we aspire to be but there is no doubt we are not yet there.

Before studying marketing and the psychology of selling I used to have a hard time shopping with my wife. I will simply be impatient and irritated as we argued on what clothes were best to buy for either me or her. But marketing changed all that.

This is how : once I learned marketing and the psychology of selling I knew people bought based on emotions and never logic but tried to justify emotions with logic.

So one day as I was almost getting into an argument with my wife while on a shopping spree I remembered and said: “Babe you know what ! No one buys on logic. None of us are being logical right now but my feelings are strong and I would like this trousers is it okay. ”

Immediately she calmed down and we both realised neither was wrong and went on to enjoy our soon found enjoyable shopping spree.

If you are in business really make an effort to understand your customers. Understand what emotions drive them. Is it anger, is it fear is it greed is it envy is it pride. After they have bought based on emotions they seek justification based on logic.

What emotions drive your customers? Do you know? You better know before marketing anything to them.

Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter
Direct response and B2B Copywriting

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Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copy writer at Supervaluecopy

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