Failure to ask could this be the reason why your copy is not selling – a great lesson from the bible?

A great lesson from the bible.

As a Christian free lance copywriter it is hard for me not to draw lessons from the bible.

There is a verse in the bible that says ask and you shall be given.  That verse is so profound it works even in marketing and selling in the business world.

Email marketing without buyers

One zealous entrepreneur came to me last week. He told me how he had started to do email marketing but no one was buying. I asked to look at his content and I should say it was quite good but it lacked one further good thing.  “You are simply not asking for the sale, I told him. No wonder why no one is buying”.

The Bible is full of God’s promises to him who believes. There is no doubt that asking is one of the conditions for receiving even in business. If you don’t ask you don’t get. It’s not something even in the bible that you can bypass. Asking means call for help or action.

Benefits and features approach

When you write copy to sell anything it’s great to sell the benefits. It is also great to outline the features. However if you don’t ask for the order nothing will happen.

The normal sales approach when selling by copy is this:

Sell the benefits

The benefits connect the prospect’s emotional desires with your product or service.

Sell the features

The role of the features is to rationalise the buying decision with features.

The benefit selling principle comes from the knowledge that people don’t buy drill bits, but they buy holes. It’s the benefit that people are after. No matter how good a feature is in a product the benefit is the real deal.

The rule of successful direct response marketing is :

Sell benefit number one then ask for the sale

Sell benefit number two then ask again for the sale

Sell benefit number three then ask again for the sale.


Written by Freelance and Chief copywriter at Supervaluecopy

Aubrey Mavhuli

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2 thoughts on “Failure to ask could this be the reason why your copy is not selling – a great lesson from the bible?

  1. Bavu says:

    Mr Mavhuli. You are always a strength giver in our plans of business and efforts. And you are explaining it so clear that selling the features and benefits of the product without asking for the Sale wont work. I understood now


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