Are you arrogant in your copy? Boasting will get you nowhere.

Are you too busy boasting in your copy to actually sell anything?

It is true and it hurts. Many marketers often don’t get it. Their advertising or marketing copy is much more full of hot air than an actual hot air balloon. Don’t market like that   always.

One of the most important attributes of marketing and salesmanship is honesty. Boasting may win you some customers once. It might do it twice but honesty wins boasting every time.

Your adverts and all marketing must be honesty. If your marketing is more truthful than your rival’s your has a chance. Customers are no fools. In fact they haven’t been in a long time.

Joseph Sugarman the legendary direct response copy master says “Try to lie in your copy and you are only deceiving yourself”. What wisdom is that deceiving self?

If you admit faults when marketing you harness belief from your audience. Some marketing is too good to be true. It creates doubters in your prospects. What good is a non believer for what you are marketing.

Point out the flaws upfront and explain them away. You are more believable than if you covered them up. Sometimes it’s not really faults but pseudo faults like ” I got this only in one colour: black.”

The more truthful and frank you are the better your chances of building a brand. Point out advantages in a subtle way. Customers can read between the lines.

By Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter

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