What you need to know about human nature before you sell anything.

Master human nature and master your sales

Human nature hasn’t changed in a long long time. Its most likely wont in a long long time. To write copy that brings results you can’t ignore human nature. At school they call it psychology. The great copy writers especially direct response copy masters are masters of human nature.  Master human nature and you master your income.

Human nature ignores prevention

I was reading the legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman’s book and what he said about human nature really grabbed my attention.
He said it was human nature to tend to ignore the prevention but to desire the cure.

The example that he gave which i will give here in my own words is this. If you went out selling burglar alarms few would consider what you are selling if they hadn’t recently been robbed. It is human nature to think it won’t happen to me. Once it happens a cure becomes necessary and the victim is suddenly willing to pay a lot more for cure than for prevention . A cure is more expensive than prevention.

Be careful to sell cure not prevention

So when you write sales or marketing copy be careful what you are selling. Your success rate is poor with prevention. Your price is less with prevention. Cure has a response of its own.

The secret here is to sell the cure. The cure is more profitable than prevention. The cure is desired more by all who are afflicted.

To succeed it might help and even be necessary even to ask yourself if you are selling a cure or prevention.

In my own solar business i found out that people responded much more favorably after being slapped by a huge electricity bill than if the bill was just ordinary. Even as an evangelist i have learnt more people get saved at a funeral than at a party. It’s human nature isn’t it?

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief copywriter



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