Is your prospect’s fear of failure affecting your sales?

How does your prospect’s fear of failure affect your sales?

If I could say to you one of the most difficult jobs in sales and marketing is one that everyone does. It’s the job of closing the sale. After all is said and done the prospect has to be turned into a customer. No prize for reminding you that it’s customers that are the source of profit for any business. No matter how many prospects you have if they don’t become customers your business is dead in the water.

Closing the sale is not an easy task

If you have ever sold anything closing a prospect is not without its fears. Closing the sale is really an art. Few rarely master this art. Very few really excel at it. At closing moment the prospect builds up tension inside. This tension is attributed to the buyer’s remorse coming ahead of the sale.

Tension on either side

Due to the tension that builds up either sides. It is easy to make the mistake of closing and un-closing the customer several times.

The prospect’s remorse is a result of the prospect ‘s fear of making a mistake. Every prospect has got this fear.

The mistakes in the prospect’s mind are many. These include :

Fear of buying the wrong thing

How many times have you bought something dear only to realize you didn’t need it.

Fear of making a mistake and buying a lemon

Second hand salesmen are famous for this.

Fear of criticism by family and friends

No man is an island. Show me a man or woman who doesn’t care genuinely about what others think about them.

Fear of being overcharged

This fear emanates from the fact that we all want a fair price for everything.

As you sell face to face or using sales copy make sure you deal with these phobias that your prospect has. These phobias are not always unfounded.

Plan your sales copy properly clearly identifying these phobias of the prospect to succeed. Do the same with your sales meetings.

Make sure your copy or sales engagements address these phobias. If you can address them well and you have qualified your prospects thoroughly you can improve your chances of closing the sale.

Do you have any questions on closing the sale? Leave comments and questions below.

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief copywriter  @ Supervaluecopy


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