Could you be predictably boring? If you are predictable in your intentions to sell your sales wont happen.

Could predictability be sabotaging the performance of your copy ? It could and it could a great deal.

Everybody loves a good story. Who doesn’t? Have you ever seen what keeps soapies on the high. It’s the curiosity that comes through suspense. The not knowing but wishing to know of what’s going to happen next keeps soap viewers coming for more.

When I look at my life and the books I haven’t finished and the movies I haven’t watched through to the end I can point to only one problem. It was predictability. Predictability kills interest.

When you write marketing copy be it email, brochure or sales letter on paper or in a video a sense of curiosity will keep them reading or watching or listening. Suspense is good for your copy.

Get to think of this: who wakes up in the morning dresses up and says today is the day that I am going to be sold. Let your copy be not so obvious that you are going to be selling.

One sure way of loosing audience is to be predictable all the time. An element of good surprise could help with your marketing efforts.

Gary Bencivenga a reknowned multi millionaire copy writer said “Interest is Benefit plus Curiosity.”

It doesn’t matter how good your product is if your copy doesn’t exude curiosity you will lose your prospect. If you lose your prospect you have left dollars on the table.

What else has killed your copy in the past? If you liked this post like this page.

By Free lance and Direct response Copywriter Aubrey Mavhuli

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