Your prospects are asking questions in their heads, if you don’t know what they are asking you can’t win them over.

At the heart of every advert or marketing copy is the offer. David Garfinkel the legendary copy master says the best marketers start with the offer.

To be able to sell anything by copy or by mouth it would do any seller a world of good if they could learn to ask a few questions. The right question to ask would be “What are the questions going on in my prospective customer’s mind?”

No seller may know the answers for sure. But it doesn’t hurt anybody to predict and anticipate possible questions in the prospect’s mind. The best copy writer is one who joins the silent conversation already going on in their prospect’s mind.

David Garfinkel in Breakthrough Advertising lists the questions as:

“Wow, what’s it going to be like if I buy this?
What’s the upside?
What’s the downside?
How can I get hurt? How can I avoid getting hurt?
How am I going to benefit?”

Answer these questions satisfactorily in your copy or presentation and your copy stands a chance to gain high response on the marketing scene. The questions in the list above if unanswered satisfactorily can easily drop the sale. They are a source of resistance to the sale. Just remember that people like to buy what they want but they hate to be sold anyway.

Could you think of any other questions that could act as barriers to your sale?

By B2B and Direct response Copywriter

Aubrey Mavhuli

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