Battling to get through to your customers? Become your customer.

Whether you are writing copy to sell or you are selling door to door if you are failing to get through to your customers do one thing. Become your customer. This is one advice Joe Robson of words that sells, advises.

The easiest way to become your own customer is to make use of your own products or services.  Try out your offering with one thing in mind and tick all the good and all bad about it.

Knowing the pluses is good, but knowing the minuses is even better. It prepares you for own customer rejections. Anticipating all the opportunities for the customer to say no, helps you become a better marketer or sales person.

Empathy is the best way of getting through to your customers. As is commonly known becoming the best sales person is not about how much you know your product only but more about how much you know and can identify with your prospect or customer.  Writing good copy is great salesmanship in print. The best copy is the one that identifies with the prospect’s pain points. Walk in your customers shoes for a mile before you sell to them. Don’t fall in love with your own ideas about what the customer needs or wants. Find out the real truth.  Think like him. Feel like he feels.

Becoming your customer helps with four things in your marketing and selling:

  • Formulating your positioning statement or Unique Selling Point
  • Content formulation for traffic building and lead generation
  • Seamlessly fulfilling orders online or offline
  • Customer support and customer service

Copy writers who become their own customers do a far much better job than those who do not. Only real customers know how good or bad every product is.


Written by Chief Copywriter

Aubrey Mavhuli of Supervaluecopy



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