Are you making the wrong promise in your adverts?

 Its not a secret that words are powerful. Marketing uses a lot of agents to achieve a sell. But one powerfiul agent is words.

To write successful copy learn to use appropriate words.

Quite often people simply copy an advert that has been successful in the past and change it slightly around and hope the advert will sell. It doesn’t always work that way.

The biggest secret is this, you are better off writing to your customer.  Understand your customer thoroughly and write to him or her. If you don’t understand your customer you are writing to no one.

Writing copy that sells is like writing a love letter. Have you ever written a love letter?  You can write copy that sells. What makes a love letter effective?Its written to an individual.

You know the person you are writing to. In writing to sell. Knowing the needs is essential but knowing the underlying need or the want is more critical, remember that people buy what they want based on what they need.

A person may need transport but let’s say the person is a young executive. They go into a car dealership to buy a car based on the need for transport. They may want to buy a car that shows to their friends and family they have made it. The need is transport which can be met by a taxi, an Uber or even a Toyota corolla. Based on their tastes they may buy a top Germany car to meet the underlying need for recognition.

In the example above imagine a car dealer selling Germany executive top cars printing out a headline that says the cheapest car to run. Whether it’s true or not is immaterial but is that the underlying need for the customer being served? If its not, your copy is selling the irrelevant and promising the wrong thing.

Safety might be an important issue in a car but is everyone moved by safety always? In a house is safety the biggest consideration as well? Is safety the most important consideration in a a holiday voucher or in clothes or in a restaurant for example? To write effective copy know the customer and offer them what they want.

Let your copy promise what is truly needed and wanted.

Written by Chief Copywriter

Aubrey Mavhuli


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