What is the secret to Business to business marketing?

Marketing to businesses and to consumers is kind of different. One big difference is business buyers want to buy and are ready to buy. Aren’t they often called buyers?

The business buyer is looking at satisfying two constituencies. The first is the organisation and the last is themselves.

Let’s say you are selling energy saving solar products to businesses who want to cut down on their office energy bill. Let’s say you can prove that your systems will save an organisation a $2000 a month or $24000 a year. Does this give the organisation a benefit? Yes. But will the buyer always buy? Not necessarily. You might attract a lot of interest but still get no buyers. Where could the problem be?

Here is the secret. The organisational buyer serves two masters. The organisation and themselves. The organisational buyer thinks of himself and the organisation.

Yes he has a selfish interest to satisfy as well. Its not always unemotional.

He has fears as well especially if you are approaching him for the first time. He has standards to satisfy and egos as well. If he messes up he might be in trouble with the boss.

You cant blame the organisational buyer for wanting to limit his risks. This mindset is the one that limits a lot of buying decisions in organisations.

This explains why a lot of organisational buyers generally stick with tried and tested brand names. Imagine you are a buyer needing to replace your company trucks. What comes at the back of your mind with regards to making a purchase?

Don’t you think you could say, “Who gets fired for buying a Toyota?” It is a tried and tested car

Hope you learnt something about selling and marketing to businesses commonly known as B2b marketing and selling.

By Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter and B2B Freelance writer

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