What every prospect and customer is asking about your business?

There are many businesses that raise up their hands every time to tell the prospects, “we too can serve you”. Quite often there are many other businesses that can serve a market equally well. Yet in the same market some are more equal than others. But not many get the chance to serve customers all the time.

What makes the difference? 
There is a question that makes you or your competition favourable. There is a question that’s more profitable than most questions which prospects ask. The unfortunate thing is this is not a question often verbalised.

Sometimes it’s not even implied. However, know that for your customers to buy or not from you they are looking for the answer. Whether unknowingly or intentionally it’s an important question to your customers and prospects.

The answer to this question often determines behaviour of the customer.
“Why should we buy from you?” This is the question your prospects want answered. Even if you are a monopoly the answer is because you are the only one.

If you are not a monopoly you better have a better answer. Your answer to this question should set you apart from your competition. Your answer should be reason enough to compel your prospects to choose you.

But before you answer the prospect’s question it would be better if you knew the benefits that your prospect are looking for and which benefit is the most important to them. This is called the, “compelling benefit”. This should be something the customer really cares about.

To help answer the question ask further questions like: “What is unique about you? What is unique about your product? What is unique about your offer?”

It is amazing to find out how many adverts or marketing messages are thrown out there without any thought to this question. The marketing copy is usually self-centred, looking inward, not caring about the prospect. No wonder why many an entrepreneur easily give up on advertising.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli
Chief Copywriter

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