Is fear of failure holding your prospects from becoming your customers?

Your prospects don’t want to fail

We all have been there done that and got a t-shirt. What is promised is not always experienced. Your customers have been there too. They have made mistakes before. They have been embarrassed by their choices before.

Whatever you are selling remember to make your prospects to be confident in you and in your promise. Show them, don’t tell them that you are on their side. If you really are on their side prove it.

No matter how strong you you feel about the goodness of your product prove it. Talk is cheap, that is what every prospect is silently saying to you.

Every prospect remembers and dreads at the time they have been promised good looks by stylists and they were disappointed. They have made terrible mistakes of choice before. Was it a spouse, a car, a job,  a neighbourhood a course we have all been there and don’t wanna re-live that experience. It’s a dreadful experience.

Build trust and the confidence with your prospects. Show them your offer is not a lemon. It is a choice they can count on.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs kill all trust with presentation and appearance. Don’t say, I know my job what has my dressing to do with my skill.

Be patient and look the part. Conform till you become Bill Gates or someone tried and tested then you can be who you really want to be and wear or look the way you really want to.

So long everybody.  Going on a holiday might not write to you till end of next week.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter of Supervaluecopy.

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What do you think is holding your prospects from buying? 






“Maybe this widget isn’t meant for you? ” Using the power of the “Take away close”

The power of the take away close.

Sales isn’t child’s play. Picture this you are presenting to a prospect and the prospect hasn’t bought in yet. What do you do? You take a chance. You announce softly, “Maybe this isn’t for you?” You start to pack your equipment ready to go.

What could happen? No one knows for sure! But sales is mind games. Psychology is more relevant in many sales situations than anywhere else.

As soon as you do that some prospects may feel threatened by the fear of loss and ask you to stop. We all love a good challenge, don’t we? We love what we can’t or shouldn’t have. The lesson here is as soon as you tell people they can’t have something they feel challenged and soon start to desire it.

Picture a teenage girl who is told by all and sundry that your boyfriend isn’t good for you what does she do? She feels fuelled to go for the forbidden, relationship, right?

Listed below are some variations of the take away close:

“Don’t buy stationery today!”

Doesn’t this catch your attention because you surely expect to be told the opposite right?

Then the voice continues, “Wait till Saturday when CC Furniture has a big half-price sale!”

Your attention is captured and you maybe kind of shocked.

“Order today, the supplies are limited” is yet another variation of the take away close.

“Call today to find out if you qualify, for 2% below prime home loan.”

The take away close is premised on scarcity. Scarcity raises value more than abundance does.

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How to remain relevant when you write copy all the time?

How to remain relevant when you write copy all the time?

I was watching idols and I couldn’t help laughing at contestants singing off key without even noticing their short comings. Idol contestants are not alone. Some marketers often fall into that trap quite often. Its one of thinking you are more important to your customers and prospects than you really are.

In marketing there is nothing as bad as being off topic as far as your customer or prospect is concerned. In writing marketing copy one phrase stands out. If you make it stay with you as you write your long sales letters or adverts. Your copy may be effective.

It’s the “so what ?” phrase. Ask this phrase all the time can keep your copy grounded and relevant to the prospect. As long as you realize and acknowledge that writing marketing copy is not for for you per se but for the benefit of your prospects your copy will serve well.

Apply the so what question to everything about your copy. Does your copy have a headline ask so what? Lead paragraph, body so what? Your offer and postscript ask the “so what question?” If this phrase is answered all the time chances are you are on the right path as your focus becomes on the customer or prospect not on you.

Never fall into the trap of self importance when marketing. Humility and relevancy beats arrogance and lack of preparation in marketing and sales every time.

Remain grounded.

Written by Freelance Direct Response Copywriter Aubrey Mavhuli


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Before you write copy for your business or product ask this : What is the objective of my copy?

As a copywriter my perfect client is an entrepreneur or marketing manager who knows what they want and why I have to write the copy I have to write for them?  The objective is key before any one sits down to write any copy. If the objective is known research and writing is a piece of cake.

In order to help clients who are not sure they know what they want I have listed below the  7 main reasons why most entrepreneurs and marketers need a copy writer to write copy for their businesses.

1. To generate sales

In direct response businesses this is the main reason for writing copy. The organisation would like to send a letter to a Mr Joe Soap and get Mr Joe Soap send the organisation a cheque. This is one major reason for copy written in direct response organisations.

2.  To answer and generate inquiries

A response email may be written to answer a prospect’s inquiries. This response is written normally to prove that the organisation or product is the best match for the prospect’s needs. Its a less forceful sales letter. A sales letter in disguise you could say.

To generate inquiries a warm prospecting email or even cold call may be written with the intention of generating inquiries.

3. To qualify prospects

Copy may be written to qualify prospects. For example the headline may fish out home owners, or plumbers or teachers, this qualifies the prospects. Qualifying is important for target marketing.

4. To transmit product information

Manuals are copy written to transmit the information of products and even services for the better understanding of by prospects and customers.

5. To build brand recognition plus preference

Social media, adverts and content marketing copy can be written to achieve brand recognition and brand presence. The copy may be written for the written word or even for videos.

6. To promote a company and brand image 

Promotional copy may be written also to promote a brand or image of an organisation. This can be public relations copy or simply a newsletter or blog copy that is written to achieve the objective.

7. To generate and nurture leads

Special reports, white papers, newsletters and all other forms of content marketing are written sometimes as bait to be offered to website visitors to make them subscribers. These subscribers then become hot leads for the business.

Whatever your reason for wanting copy written for your business you can be assured there is a copy writer who specializes in that type of copy. Its hard to imagine marketing without copy.

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What if what you knew about advertising was wrong for your startup business?

What if what you knew about advertising was wrong?

It’s a difficult scenario to fathom, for most start up marketers and entrepreneurs but what if there was a room that you could be wrong? Then what next?

To be successful like I wrote before, you ought to leave room to be wrong. If you don’t leave room to be wrong, ‘you won’t grow” TD Jakes says. I agree with him if you don’t leave room to be wrong you won’t learn and if you are not learning you are not growing.

The quick research I did had quite some interesting results.  The mistakes that start up entrepreneurs make with regards to advertising are learned mistakes.  Young start-ups grow up on big brands’ adverts and think when they start their business they will also advertise like Nike or Coca cola.  Boy oh boy could you be wrong? Big brands advertise all over the place in various media sometimes with just a logo and slogan and everyone else knows who is advertising.

The mistakes emanate from the fact that no one explains the whole story of the big brands advertising. I will attempt to do so now.

Let’s take an advert of Nike sportswear with their logos and slogan. Does it work? Yes, it does work. But is it good for your start up business? It will be good for your start up if your start up is as big as Nike and everyone knows about it, that’s crazy, right? See my point. Catch my drift.

A start up is not known by all people hence, if it advertises with symbols and logos that no one knows of with no words it is wasting money. That advertising dollar is better of spent somewhere else.

Below is a list of some of the advertising mistakes that start up entrepreneurs make:

  • They make adverts that are creative for the sake of being creative.
  • Adverts are designed to please self or company directors but not the buyers
  • Adverts are designed to entertain and make people laugh. You don’t want laughing prospects but buying customers.
  • Advert’s goal is the industry awards
  • Adverts are designed to draw attention to self. It is like the advert is shouting. “Hey, I am an advert please see or hear me.”
  • Advert are purposely not clear and intention unclear, therefore no call to action.

I hope your business can take off from these few lessons and start advertising better.


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The 8 essential elements of persuasive copy writing.

Copy writing is not important, one young man quipped. Persuasive copy writing should not be bothered with if you are going to be an employee all your life.”

I found that a little fun, need I say more.

Copy writing has become a business essential. It’s everywhere.

Imagine sending your resume looking for a job. Your cv is a work of a copy writer. Your cover letter is a work of copy writing. If it’s not persuasive you can as well forget that interview or that job.

You want to get a position at a boarding school, you have to apply, right? The letter is a work of copy writing. To write a letter disputing your fines or tickets you need a to write, right? That letter is copy written for a purpose.

The greatest tragedy of our time, of the 21st century is ignorance amidst a sea of information. Ignorance mixed with arrogance is a total disaster. Like TD Jakes says, “if you don’t leave room to be wrong, you won’t grow”.

If you realise that persuasive copy writing is found everywhere and continues to grow you will agree with me that you are better off learning basics about it. Its ok not to learn or want to learn if you can afford a copy writer like myself.

Listed below are the essential elements found in persuasive copy.

  1. Gain attention

For all copy the first step to being persuasive is to be read. To succeed in persuasion gain attention of your readers. If you capture no attention you will have no willing readers.


  1. Focus on the customer, prospect or buyer

Focus on the customer is the compass that keeps your copy relevant. If you forget the buyer you can as well forget the sale. Forget the reader, the audience and forfeit the persuasion. Persuasion, won’t happen if the copy is inward looking and not outward looking to the audience.


  1. Emphasise and stress benefits to the buyer or customer

The benefit is the WIIFM. The customer would like to know and is right to do so “What Is In It For Me?” Every copy you write ask what is in it for the other person reading it?


  1. Differentiate from the competition

The customer is inundated with choices. The customer demands to know why they must consider you? What is so special about you?


  1. Proves a case

Persuasive copy is about proving a certain case. The case is what was sold or promised in the headline. Don’t let your headline down by failing to prove what was promised in the headline.


  1. Establishes credibility

Credibility is everything. Persuasive copy should be credible and prove the credibility of the promiser.


  1. Builds value

Persuasive copy should build and show value. The buyer puts his or her money on a scale and if the money is more than what they should be getting they won’t be persuaded to do anything. They won’t buy your story or claim. Buyers buy your story, and claim before theyou are persuaded to part with their money.


  1. Closes with a call to action

Persuasive copy is the highest form of writing. It doesn’t surrender till there is call for action. The ultimate test for persuasive copy is a call to action. Persuasive copy moves rocks in the readers and audience.

Persuasive writing is here to stay. You are better off learning it. Every body, every institution needs it.

Written and compiled by Chief Copywriter

Supervaluecopy Aubrey Mavhuli

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Ten factors that give you a magnetic selling ability. How sales compares to marriage.

 Most entrepreneurs struggle with selling. Selling is not rocket science. Its not actuarial science either. Selling is a very learnable skill. All can learn it. All can apply it.

Listed below are ten factors that I consider crucial to magnetic selling ability.

  1. People will always do business with people they like. As I always say sales is like marriage. People will marry people they love. No points for asking why.
  2.   People do business with people that keep their promise. Would any sane person marry a liar and a cheat?
  3. People love to do business with people they believe have their best interests. If you knew someone was very abusive would you marry them?
  4. People love to do business with experts not chancers. If customers seek out chancers its not because they love to do business with them its only because they don’t want to pay the right price. Expertise is not claimed but earned.
  5. People love to do business with people who look the part. Eat right, dress right, look right. You have only one opportunity to make a decent first impression. Perception is everything.
  6. People will do business with people that are attentive to them. Listen twice  and say once.  Listening is also a learnable skill  anyone can learn to listen.
  7. People don’t do business with boastful braggarts. People don’t do business with people that are not real. Keep it cool both for marriage and for business.
  8. People are attracted to busy doctors while shunning the not so busy. People like people that are liked by others.
  9. People like to do business with people that solve their problems and make their lives problem free. There is no people that enjoy marrying problems.
  10. People love to do business with people that are like them. People mary often for common interest.

Hope these ten factors help you in becoming a magnetic seller.

Written and compiled by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief copywriter at Supervaluecopy

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