The ultimate phrase guiding marketing copywriting of value.

In marketing there is nothing as bad as being off topic as far as your customer or prospect is concerned. In writing marketing copy one phrase stands out. If you make it stay at the back of your mind as you write your long sales letters or advert. Your copy may be effective.

It’s the “so what ?” phrase. This method of asking this phrase all the time can keep your copy grounded and relavant to the prospect. As long as you realise and acknowledge that writing marketing copy is not for for you perse but for the benefit of your prosects your copy will serve well.

Apply the “so what” question to everything about your copy. Does your copy have a headline ask so what? Lead pargraph, body so what? Your offer and postscript ask the “so what question?” If this phrase is answered all the time chances are you are on tbe right path as your focus becomes on the customer or prospect not on you.

Copy writing is not for show. It is to ensure effective communication of value. Whatever that is. Value is different things to different people.

Chief Copywriter


Aubrey Mavhuli

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