Are you selling yourself short by making these sales mistakes?

You are in sales

Everyone is in sales. Are you? The truth about sales is everyone is involved, at one stage or the other in one way or the other. Are you an engineer? You are in sales. Are you a parent? You are in sales. Are you a politician? You are in sales. Are you a preacher? You are in sales.

You are better off learning

If you do realise and appreciate that you are in sales, wont you be better off learning the skill? Sales is a skill. Like all skills under the sun there are learnable. Even rocket science or brain surgery are learnable.

Pride is success killer

When I started off in sales I sold traditional dresses door to door. I was bad at it. I sold a few of them by luck. I went on to sell wire art and world maps known as globes. I became better at it through learning. One of the few things that held me back was pride. I thought it was beneath me to sell but I soon realised success in business is sales. Bill Gates is where he is because of sales. Jeff Bizos is where he is because of sales. Sales I soon learnt is not a shameful job. It’s the only way up in business. I had to get better it. I invested in myself. I learnt. Sales is learnable.


Dont sell to the universe

When I started off I sold to everyone. It was a terrible mistake. You can’t sell to the universe it’s too much hard-unrewarding work. Its almost akin to building your wealth around the minute and miniscule chance that you will win the lottery. Your chances are slim. Qualify your prospects to increase your chances of success.

In qualifying your prospects, you must research more about them. Find out who they are, what they do and even what they own or have. Find out what they need and above all confirm or make sure that your product or service is a good fit for them. When you have that figured out confirm that they have the capacity to invest in your solution to their need or problem.


Qualify your prospects

Not everyone who needs your product has the capacity to buy it. And not everyone who has the capacity to buy it needs it. That is the blunt fact of sales.

Two secrets of sales

The first secret is this, “find those in need and find those with quid.” The second secret and most important is to findo those who want what you are selling. People will always buy what they want.

There is no substitute for a hungry market

When I sold solar solutions for example I found this paradox,  I sold to the people who wanted solar and those who needed it couldn’t afford it.

If you would grow any skill in business learn to sell.

By Chief Copywriter


Aubrey Mavhuli

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