Four levels of product description you should know before you write your marketing copy?

Let’s get this straight. Most marketers know that your copy has to have features and benefits. Most marketers know that features will be emphasized in business to business b to b marketing while benefits are in business to consumer b to c.

Every marketer’s dream is that their marketing may be effective. A knowledge of the four elements does help in a big way in writing great marketing copy.

The four levels of product description you should know before you write marketing copy are :


Physical description of the product is a feature such as a car’s power, speed and leather seats. A feature can be a great selling point.


This is the point of differentiation of a product. This is a feature unique to the product and not found in competitor’s products. An advantage clearly sells your USP or unique selling point.


The benefits of a product is simply what the product does for the prospect. With a benefit the prospect or customer literally benefits from the product. For example a solar geyser benefit maybe it saves money .

Ultimate benefits

This has been dubbed the “benefit of the benefit”. This is obtained by weighing benefits of a product and identifying the most beneficial one. Some of the ultimate benefits may include pleasure, joy, peace of mind, security, self esteem etc. A Volvo’s ultimate benefit might include safety.

Chief Copywriter of Super value copy

Aubrey Mavhuli

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