How email marketing is often done wrong

Success aint cheap.

Of late I have been learning a lot on success either intentionally as well as unintentionally . One lesson keeps on coming over and over again, that success is hard work. Success is not for free. Success is hard, hard work, it’s much harder than prison hard labour. The statistics are clear more people finish jail sentence than those that succeed.  If success was easy, if it was cheaper more people would succeed.

Well I am not writing on success per se, but on email marketing.

I once sold solar solutions for a living. I saw the opportunity for solar and jumped right into it. It was both fun and quite often no fun.  One marketing tactic I tried to employ was email marketing. At that time email marketing failed because I was not prepared for its success. When you are ready for success in anything you prepare. Like I said I had jumped  into the solar business with some disastrous statistics on email marketing initially.

My mistakes were clear I had made an assumption that so many entrepreneurs and marketers make. If you had a great product and you made a couple of emails and sent them all, it was going to be easy. I found out the hard way it wasn’t easy Igot no response for my marketing

I found that  success is not a gamble but an investment. Success has to come through investment of time and effort. It was through the investment of my time and effort that i found what could make email marketing work.

Listed below are some of the the issues to watch out for your email marketing campaign to work out.

Work on your subject lines to be more enticing to the receiver. You cant be blatantly selling. Your email may be blocked as spam or blatantly ignored and thrown into the electronic bin.Remember the first rule of selling people don’t like to be sold but they like to buy.

Do not send very, very cold emails. Find a a reason for emailing. A warm email has high chance of being considered. A warm email has permission from the e -mailer for emailing.

Have an email marketing strategy in place before you start the campaign. Preparation is the heart of strategy. Preparation is the base of success.

Make your emails personalized not too generic. People want to be recognized and appreciated don’t just say sir or madam they will know you are taking a chance.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copy writer Supervaluecopy

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