What is the great benefit networking can do for your entrepreneurial business?

Who else wants to reach more prospects with minimal effort and on a shoestring budget? Successful entrepreneurship hinges on doing the best with what you have. All else is commentary.

If you are shy, don’t have a big marketing budget, got no clue about marketing and don’t even like marketing what can you do to reach more prospects with minimal effort? You can learn networking.

Networking stands heads and shoulders above all other forms of marketing simply because true networking builds true relationships. Relationships are the outcomes of successful marketing campaigns. Relations bring forth sales.

The number one reason networking is so effective is you reach people not in a group but one on one.

The tricks of effective networking are simple. Be quick to listen, quick to understand the other person, quick to decipher problems which are opportunities for you or your organisation to offer help or even just advice.

Be positive and optimistic to be a good net worker. Be loaded with ideas and be helpful in order to connect with people. Forget hard sell just connect with people and always be helping others. They will remember you for help more than for the hard sell.

Ilise Benun of The Marketing Mentor describes networking “as an act of proactive generosity.”

The whole idea of networking is to build relationships for business or for referrals.

Hope from here you are ready to take your networking to another level.

By  Aubrey Mavhuli

Chief Copywriter Supervaluecopy

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