Is your website helping your business or killing it or its simply insignificant?

Currently being found on line for a business is not a choice but it’s a must. One way of being visibly online is through a website. But it must be emphasised that not all websites are created equal. If your website is not helping you attain your business goals it is killing you. A website costs money to host and everything else associated with it.

“ I have had a website for a year now but I haven’t reaped the results”. Complained a close friend recently.

This is not an uncommon complaint from entrepreneurs.  A website is like a dream.  A website like they say about a dream, wont work until you do. It can be an online far distant dream.

If you have a website and it’s not helping you reach your business goals start with a website audit. This is a critical step for every entrepreneur and marketer who wants to benefit from his website. Website marketing is a strategy that can reap gold a lot of the times.

First identify the reason for the existence of the website of your business. One typical example outlining the uses of a website is this: Create leads with a website. A lead generation website is a good tactic to employ.

Listed below are the steps taken to audit a website:

  1. Audit the goals of the website
  2. Review the content on your website
  3. Does the content help your website show up in search results achieving the goal of search engine optimisation?
  4. Does your content or copy inform the readers of all they need to know about the company?
  5. Does it make the company stand out from the competition, does your Unique Selling Point stand out on your website?
  6. Does it tell the reader everything about and the products and services the company offers?
  7. Does it compel the reader to buy the company’s services?


Written by Chief Copy writer


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